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AUGUST 16 - With the EU referendum result now clear, is there anything I have to do urgently?

JUNE 16 - How important is independence when talking to a Financial Advisor?

MAY 16 - How can I prevent hassle with French investments if I have to return to the UK?

APRIL 16 - Summary of points raised at 'Le Tour de Finance'

MARCH 16 - Looking ahead, what can we expect? (Stock market volatility, reduced oil prices and fear of Brexit)

FEBRUARY 16 - Why & When should you review your Finances

NOVEMBER 15 - How the new Inheritance Tax laws in France affect British Expats.

SEPTEMBER 15 - How do I know if it's time to review my Finances?

JULY 15 - Top Tips for Expats in France

MAY 15 - Taxation in France

MARCH 15 - If I die whilst living in France, how can I keep inheritance tax for my family to a minimum?


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