Meet the Team

Stephen SHAW, magazine ownerDesign and Layout – Stephen Shaw
After studying at drama school (where he met Anna) Stephen had a brief career treading the boards. To subsidise the lack of acting jobs Stephen has worked as a cartoonist for an array of different publications for many years. The lure of a full-time wage drew Stephen into teaching drama in both Further and then Secondary Education.



Anna SHAW, magazine ownerAdministration and Advertising – Anna Shaw
After moving south from her home in Aberdeen, Anna studied drama in North London (where she met Stephen). Opting for the quieter life and with first child in tow, the couple moved to Peterborough, where Anna ran the Cathedral’s fund-raising programme for several years.



After buying a property just north of Parthenay, they commuted at every available school holiday, setting up home for their full-time move in early 2018.

Stephen and Anna have two grown up children, Murray and Mia, who they are extremely proud of.