Prahecq The 2169 inhabitants of Prahecq are the Prahecquois and the Prahecquoises. Prahecq is about 15 km from Niort. There are several shops and businesses in Prahecq – 2 bakers, 2 florists, a butcher and a clothes shop. There are also numerous services – post office, public treasury, retirement home,Read More →

Reffannes The commune of Reffannes is within the area of the Communauté de Communues du Pays Ménigoutais. There are approximately 370 Reffannais and Reffannaises. Reffannes (Rufenias, the land of Rufenius) was for a long time merely the western part of the parish of Vautebis. The hamlet of Reffannes was aboutRead More →